Covid-19 Update: ‘Limit news that makes you feel anxious or distressed, and amplify positive and hopeful stories’, recommends The World Health Organization during the coronavirus crisis. This blog post was posted before the outbreak. It has now been updated to include local studios that offer online yoga classes. Support local businesses, boost your immune system through yoga and stay strong!

Bristol is a city that is teeming with possibility, enthusiasm, creativity and verve. Yet the city is known among locals to have a small-town feel. It feels unpretentious, down-to-earth and many of the yoga studios here reflect this vibe which can differ drastically from your London boutique yoga outlet … call it what you will, but there’s no denying that Bristolians love their yoga. With so many varieties of yoga to choose from these days, I was interested to know what makes these studios special, and their thoughts on Bristol’s growing yoga community. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many awesome yoga studios near me!

So here are 10 amazingly, wonderful yoga studios in Bristol City (in no particular order) to visit when you’re in town. Enjoy! 🙂

Yoga teacher teaching a class in bristol in mid-session.

1) Adona Centre for Evolutionary Arts (Now Permanently Closed due to COVID 19): Offering Online Podcasts: Adona (formerly Breathe Bristol) is a special place with a unique vision. A centre dedicated to consciousness evolution through art, meditation, yoga, communication and just about everything that leads in the direction of unlocking the full human potential. This is a must visit for anyone interested in self-development, spiritual growth, conscious events and inner-exploration.

From the studio: ‘Our mission at Adona is to provide an evolutionary arena that propels the blossoming of human consciousness and supports the actualization of true soul fulfillment. The studio itself is infused with a tangibly positive energy in a serene atmosphere. We approach life with a playful sincerity which is reflected in our wide range of offerings from conscious dance & concerts to mentoring & teachings…

Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Venue Hire, Events, Kirtan, Dance, Concerts

2) Wild Wolf’s Yoga: Offering Online Classes: Wild Wolf’s Yoga started as two sisters partnered up to realise their dream of sharing their yoga journey with the world. The studio is located on the Old Stock Exchange building in the heart of Bristol City. It is a magical sanctuary of sacred space where visitors can escape the bustle of the city streets and enter into a dojo of peace and tranquillity. The studio itself was designed and built through family collaborations and offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for yogic practice.

From the studio: ‘Our studio itself is a beautiful and serene space and this is combined with a strong ethos that emphasises passion about movement, personal warmth and a sense of community. At Wild Wolf’s we believe that exploring movement, whatever form that might take, is a way to feel great, be inspired and make connections. A warm welcome always awaits!’

Various Styles Including Restorative, Pregnancy Yoga & Meditation


3) Pure Yoga: Offering Online Classes: Pure Yoga is an urban yoga studio amidst the vibrant harbourside area of Wapping Wharf. They like to keep things simple and back-to-basics (as the name suggests). The studio features excellent facilities with a warm & cosy space and a beautiful oak floor with underfloor heating and, it is fully equipped with eco-friendly yoga mats! Classes are affordable and the studio hosts periodic retreats worldwide around the year. Worth checking out.

Various Yoga Styles + Sivananda, Restorative & Meditation , Retreats


4) Pacific Yoga: Pacific Yoga offers Bristol a breath of fresh air from the southern hemisphere. With a strong Polynesian / New Zealand influence throughout the studio & adjoining cafe. The classes and teachers here are dynamic and on the leading wave of yoga innovation. With sessions such as Fierce Grace, Hot Core, Power Yoga, Pilates Fusion and Forest Inspired Yoga, you’re sure to find something new and enticing to break from your ordinary routine. They offer some really good value-for-money intro offers so definitely worth trying out.

From the studio: “Pacific is a community for open minded people looking to develop their physical and emotional well-being in an ethical environment. Whatever your level of health or fitness, we are here to support you by offering the widest range of class types in Bristol taught by highly skilled and friendly teachers. We work alongside Cafe Matariki, the other half of the Pacific family, which prepares excellent coffee and food from local, high quality ingredients with an every changing menu there is something for everyone”. 

Various Dynamic Yoga Styles, Hot Yoga, Pilates


Colourful empty Yoga Studio Space in Bristol

“Yoga is 99 percent practice, 1 percent theory.” 

Pattabhi Jois

5) Yogasara: Offering Online Classes: Yogasara offers classes, courses, workshops and teacher training programs in a variety of yoga styles, movement and meditation in their Bristol studio. Focused on fostering well-being, clarity, creativity, and consciousness they promote the strengthening of the fabric and integrity of the local community through yoga. Grass-roots, clean and fresh, Yogasara is a real gem and does a lot in building a vibrant and buzzing spiritual scene here in Bristol.

Diverse Yoga Styles, Pranayama, Space Hire, Teacher Training, Kundalini


6) Hot Pod Yoga: Offering Online Classes: Launched in 2013, Hot Pod Yoga began with a simple premise: to re-imagine yoga for today’s world. A modernised approach to an ancient and powerful practice Hot Pod Yoga envisions taking yoga out of its niche and into the lives of millions of people previously unexposed to (or uninterested in) yoga. How? By creating a yoga experience unlike any other – one that turns up the dials to new levels. Deeper, more effective, more immersive, more intense, more appealing.

From the studio: “Embracing the future, while respecting the past, the Hotpod Yoga experience fuses innovative design and intricate detailing with high quality teaching and real personality.”

Hot Yoga, Yoga Classes Using Scent, Colour & Sound


7) Cityzen Yoga: Offering Online Classes via Zoom: Cityzen Yoga Bristol is dedicated to offering Bikram’s Yoga in its purity. It’s a real blessing to have these guys around sharing this amazing practice with people here in the west of England. Aside from the 90-minute sessions, they offer a candlelit Bikram’s class as well as a silent practice for beginners. For those who want some variety, Cityzen also offers other styles of yoga including a hot power flow class, yin yoga as well as various events and workshops. Check out their website below for more information.

Bikram’s Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hot Yoga, Candle-lit Classes


8) Yogaprema: Offering Online Classes: Going now for more than 16 years, Yogaprema has a rich and extensive teaching experience to share with all who enter its doors. The studio motto is: Practice, Inspire Evolve and they do this through a myriad of transformative classes inspired by traditional Hatha Yoga, Sivananda & Iyengar Yoga. These guys hold true to the roots of yoga and offer group classes (all levels) in classical Yoga, Meditation and Yogic studies in the south-west of England. Classes here may include a sequence of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), Sanskrit chanting, guided relaxation & meditation. A great studio for anyone interested in learning about the origins of yogic practice.

Hatha Yoga, Beginner’s Yoga, Sivananda & Iyengar Yoga


Yoga students in a class standing up in mountain pose.

“Yoga believes in transforming the individuals before transforming the world. Whatever change we want to  happen outside should happen within.”

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

9) Omkari Yoga: The only studio on this list without a centralised location. The ability to be ‘out there in community’ at various locations makes this studio widely accessable to people around town. Check out the timetable to see which classes are running near you. Omkari Yoga offers classes Run by Debbie Thomas, who has been practising different styles of yoga for over 20 years and a 500 hour trained yoga instructor, Omkari Yoga promises to deliver authentic yoga to anyone – beginners looking to start their journey into yoga or more advanced students to deepen their practice.

From the studio: “Typically classes with Omkari Yoga follow a traditional, authentic and easy-to-learn system of yoga, Vinyasa and Hatha, that uses asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation to offer a way of achieving better health of the physical body, a more peaceful mind and greater spiritual evolvement. This is like a toolbox of skills that help you lead a more fulfilled and balanced life. Bringing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit into a harmony that relieves you from everyday stress. All equipment is provided and smaller classes for close attention and all delivered with love and good humour!”

Vinyasa, Pranayama, Hatha


10) Yogafurie: Online Yoga Videos: Last but certainly not least is Yogafurie. An independent, family-run, authentic Yoga & Hot Yoga studio based in north Bristol. Built from the roots up, Yogafurie’s purpose-built & eco-friendly studio is designed to make you feel warm, welcome and at home as you step through their doors. If you’re new to Yogafurie you can try their Hot Yoga with their intro month – 30 days unlimited Hot Yoga for just £30 (See link).

From the studio: “You’ll find a variety of 7 carefully planned, authentic and enjoyable Hot Yoga classes, and lots of Yoga and Pilates on offer too. Yogafurie is also the home to Yogafurie Academy, certified by Yoga Alliance to offer Yoga & Hot Yoga Teacher Training courses and many other CPD courses too. And if that isn’t enough, we also run beautiful Yoga retreats and holidays in stunning locations!

Hot Yoga, Pilates, Teacher Training


So, there you have it, 10 awesome and exciting yoga studios to keep in mind when you’re ready to hit the mat in Bristol. If you found the list helpful or any of the promo codes useful, then please feel free to share this around and be a part of creating a new wave of awakening in this beloved city. Wishing you all a fruitful and fulfilling yoga practice.

Energetic yoga class during a session.

Know of another Yoga Studio that should be on this list? Feel free to email me using the contact page on this site and I’ll include it an updated edition next year.

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Header Photography by Jason Reinhart. Instagram: @jasonhreinhart