Can agencies operate from an ethical and moral standpoint? This may be unbelievable for some. However, given that three-quarters of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially or environmentally responsible company, may mean that things are changing quickly for the better.

It’s not uncommon for the up and coming generations to pick up the slack and clean up the mess left behind by those before them. Although the wise elders and pioneers in the realms of advertising, marketing and content creation pushed the boundaries of possibilities, they haven’t necessarily taken into consideration the ‘bigger picture’ impact of their work.

That’s where these companies come in. All founded within the last 20 years, these brands uphold a solid ethical remit in a playing field where ethics is usually the first thing out the door when the stakes are on the rise.  Some work predominantly with charities while others regularly donate design work.

So, here’s the list (in no particular order) of the independent agencies you’d want to partner your business up with in 2020. These descriptions all appear on the homepages of their respective websites.

Digital Detox: Digital Detox is a purpose-led agency working with purpose driven businesses, solving problems facing people and the planet using digital technology. Check out some of their recent work with the conservation charity MarineLife here. They’re also doing a lot of work around digital pollution, and helping clients understand the impact of the tech and code to the environment. Digital Detox also offer a uniquely crafted audit supplied to anyone they work with to help keep this in mind. 

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Zerofee: Zerofee creates visual identity and design for print and digital media, but not for irresponsible brands or companies…Alongside commercial work, they regularly donate design to financially–challenged charities and good causes. “We’ve worked with clients of all types and sizes, including Amnesty International, Arts Emergency, Counterpoint, Dezeen, Fair Tax Mark, Global Witness, Greenpeace, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Publish What You Pay, Reprieve, Stoke Newington Literary Festival, TRAID, World Animal Protection and many others.”

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Creativekind: A young, dynamic & incredibly agile studio that doesn’t come with the big agency fees. With a global team working remotely, Creativekind is a truly innovative and leading edge company of the new digital era. Without physical offices, they are able to leverage the lack of overheads to benefit clients directly with efficient and proportionate quotes. They have a big business impact without the big business costs but more importantly 99% of their profits go towards good causes. I know, outrageous right? Check them out below…

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Thegoodfolk: Thegoodfolk believe ethical design is design worth doing. And not just because it’s good for society and the environment but because it’s good for business. “When it comes to communicating your message, choosing carefully-crafted design using sustainable materials makes good sense – and makes what you’re saying more valuable too. We make a real effort to work with like-minded people who, like us, want to create carefully-crafted content that’s not going to be harmful to others or needlessly drain the resources by which we live. “

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Provokatuer: Provokateur is a communications consultancy for the ethical, the inspirational & the bold. They help charities, ethical companies, social enterprises & pioneer businesses with brand consultancy campaign planning and crunchy research. “Everything we do is driven by smart strategic thinking & restless creative energy.”

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Enviral: Enviral is an ethical brand marketing studio based in Bristol and London. “We believe that every company should have a social or environmental purpose, and that futureproof companies have the best opportunity to make their story be heard. Fortunately, our talented team and partners all want to dedicate their skills towards positive impact companies.”

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Plant Agency: Plant is a film, art, design & influencer marketing agency based in the heart of London. “From the smallest charities to the largest NGOs our team has a variety of experience working with a number of organisation sizes.”

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Good Agency: These folk are a full-out-fit design agency that builds belief in brands, businesses and causes. “Our values are simple but we hold them close. Brave, because you can’t change the world by doing what’s been done before. Together, because we value our team spirit and we can’t abide ego’s. And Good because it’s the reason we all come to work every morning. The world needs more of it, and it guides everything we do.”

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Studio Republic: Established in 2003 Studio Republic have designed for brands of all sizes, from startups to global NGOs. “More recently, we decided to take a look at who we are, who we want to be and who we want to work with. As a company we’ve been going for 14 years, however, within the last two years, our focus has been on working with ethically minded businesses, charities, and nonprofit organisations. Moving forward, we are using this ethos to define our future client list. This is a decision we stand by and have found success with.”

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REAL Ethical Marketing: Born out of the values and ethics of a Face to Face Fundraising Company, the Directors and Management team of REAL Ethical Marketing have plied their trade for over 15 years in the Charitable Sector. “Conscientious face to face Marketing is as important to your brand as the product itself. REAL Ethical Marketing understands this, which is why we use the knowledge gained in the third sector to run the highest quality face to face marketing campaigns.”

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The notion of design having a social role to play is far from new – and hardly a conceit. Artists and designers have long served as messengers, missionaries, revolutionaries, agitators, and propagandists. Centuries before the holy Brand Guidelines, visual communication was being sharpened as a tool of religion, war and politics.

Joshua Blackburn, 2010

So, there we have it, 10 awesome and exciting agencies to keep in mind when you’re ready to launch your next re-brand or campaign. The choices we make and the decisions we take have a long-lasting impact on our lives and the shape of our planet.

Know of another agency that should be on this list? Feel free to email me using the contact page on this site and I’ll include it an updated edition next year.